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MIME Application/x-ole-storage

The mime application/x-ole-storage media type is associated with the MSI file extension and Windows Installer files. It is also often specified with applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel that use OLE technologies.

Microsoft OLE allows applications to contain data from other applications. For example, Microsoft Word can embed Excel spreadsheets using OLE. While Windows Installer files are different than Microsoft Office files using OLE, the installation files use OLE COM Structured Storages technology which is used for storing hierarchal data in a file. In most cases, mime application/x-ole-storage is used with MSI files and not with Microsoft Office files which have their own MIME types.

The mime application/x-ole-storage media type is a non-standard MIME subtype as indicated by the x- prefix. This prefix is largely used when a MIME type has not been registered with the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). Though mime application/x-ole-storage is not registered, many user agents such as Web browsers and email programs recognize that a file labeled with the mime application/x-ole-storage media type is a Windows Installer MSI file and responds appropriately. If its unclear which of the possible file types the file might be, user agents go through additional steps to identify the files contents.

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