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MIME Application/octet stream. download

One of the first MIME types was mime application/octet stream. Download managers, email clients, Web browsers, and other user agents recognize files with this MIME type as mostly binary files. However, this MIME type isn’t overly specific and many file extensions are associated with it.

When a user agent encounters “mime application/octet stream. download” or similar “octet-stream” indicators, the file is considered ambiguous because specific information is not provided to the content handler. Browsers and other user agents can look beyond the mime application/octet stream. download entry in search of additional clues about the file’s content type. For example, some versions of Internet Explorer will scan the buffer to verify the MIME type based on the content of the file. If a positive match can be made, a final determination of mime application/octet stream. download can be made.

Further checks include checking the registry for file associations. When Internet Explorer checks the registry, it is often able to detect the file type and determine whether the file should be displayed in-pane or as a download. In fact, if a file is marked with an entry such as “mime application/octet stream. download” it could be trying to tell Web browsers to treat the file as a download which is traditionally expressed with the content-disposition “attachment” header. 

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