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MIME Application/force-download

Mime application/force-download, which is typically expressed as mime application/x-force-download, is typically used in conjunction with PHP code to trigger a download box rather than for displaying content in a Web browser.

For example, if you had a file on your website that you want the user to download rather than view in the Web browser, you could enter the appropriate mime application/force-download code in the fileís header content type field. Note that mime application/force-download is not a registered MIME type. In addition, when used in PHP code, the preferred spelling of mime application/force-download contains the ďx-Ē prefix.

There are other ways to force downloads including using the content-disposition parameter to identify a file as an attachment. Many PHP scripts include mime application/force-download in if/else statements to force downloads of specific file types that are usually displayed in the Web browser such as PDF files and image files.

However, because application/force-download isnít registered with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, it isnít always recognized by all Web browsers which leads to errors on the computer userís end.

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