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Mime application/download is not a standard IANA-registered MIME type. That is, mime application/download has not been registered with the Internet Assigned Numbering Authority, the entity responsible for registering MIME types. However, many files are hosted online and available for download. Because of this, it is conceivable that a programmer would use an unconventional MIME type to describe a file as a download.

MIME types are used to tell both email programs as well as Web browsers how to handle a given file. For example, if someone sends an Excel spreadsheet to you via email, the email client would look at the message’s header information and see that the file’s MIME type is set to application/ms-excel. That information allows the program to launch the correct application for working with the file. In the case of mime application/download, a Web browser might encounter this MIME type when coming across a downloadable file, such as an Excel spreadsheet file. However, since mime application/download is not clearly defined, the Web browser likely won’t know what to do with the file unless additional scripting and information is provided.

The mime application/download media type does not appear to be widely used.

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